egg dyes

Dyeing Easter Eggs, Naturally

The other day I saw this little article on And this one. So I decided to try my hand at making my own, natural dyes for Easter eggs. Y’know what? They turned out pretty okay! Turns out if you boil the heck out of some colorful things, then add a little vinegar, then steep … Continue reading

purple crocus in the woods

Easter Feast for Two

OMG update! So yeah, when I say “for two,” I really mean that just two people ate this dinner. Which could have easily fed four. Or six. Or possibly even ten if I had made more potatoes and root veggies and the extra pound of asparagus I have in the fridge. Chad and I spent … Continue reading

Egg’n’grog, download the recipe!

6 eggs 1/2 cup sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla 1/4 teaspoons salt 4 cups half and half 1/2 cup rum (optional), preferable white but dark is fine. Dash of nutmeg Dash of cinnamon Separate eggs into two large bowls. Whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, salt and vanilla until creamy. Add rum and half and half. … Continue reading

Hurricanes again

Some of you may have remembered the time we had with Hurricane Irene last year. And then there was last year’s Halloween blizzard. Well, now we’ve got Hurricane Sandy barreling down on us here in the Hudson Valley. Seems like hurricanes (or snor’eastercanes?) may be the norm in the future. AND, since I have free … Continue reading

Life Bubbling Up & Spilling Over

Sarah just wrote about “Cooking for Real Life,” and talked about why she hasn’t posted on FarmHouse in some while. My hiatus is because my family and friend constellation has been expanding and humming like mad. My stepdaughter had a baby three months ago and it’s thrilling to be involved in his/their lives. There is … Continue reading

Cooking for Real Life

Oh FarmHouse. I have been remiss. I have not posted for eons and this always happens to me – leaving things unfinished or forgetting about them or just not feeling like posting. Or, more frequently, not caring about posting pictures. And y’know what? I’ve always hated magazines (and blogs) that were little more than pictures, … Continue reading

The Bird’s the Word: Barn Swallow

After a thunderstorm the other day I found this in a field (see above), which made me wonder what type of bird it belongs to? So I took it home and looked it up online and found out it is a barn swallow egg, which makes sense. There is a barn located only a short … Continue reading

Hibachi rice

Growing up on a farm we ate a lot of meat and potatoes, but once I went to college I began to expand my palate with foods I had never heard of before, such as knishes, chicken francese, and Japanese food like Hibatchi rice. Hibatchi rice is one of my favor things to eat, I first … Continue reading

♪ We’re Going to the Cha-pel and We’re, Gonna Prune Rhooooo-dies ♪

About ten years ago I had a miserable teaching experience–so much so, I hung up my teaching hat for a good long while. But teaching shrub pruning these last two springs, to SUNY New Paltz Lifetime Learning Institute students, has been a healing experience. This spring especially, a deep feeling of connection and a spirit … Continue reading

Our first garden together.

It amazes me how many different ways there are to grow a vegetable garden. This year my fiance and I are growing our first vegetable garden together and we are doing it our way, along with her way, his way, the book said this way, so and so said to do it this way, the … Continue reading