Our first garden together.

It amazes me how many different ways there are to grow a vegetable garden. This year my fiance and I are growing our first vegetable garden together and we are doing it our way, along with her way, his way, the book said this way, so and so said to do it this way, the … Continue reading

Naked Rock Garden Ambition

My hubs, Mom, and I went on our first Open Garden Days tour of the season yesterday. Open Garden Days is a fundraising effort of the Garden Conservancy, and we are embarrassingly rich with Open Gardens in the Hudson Valley! This was the most ambitious rock garden I have ever seen: rock wall after rock … Continue reading

Elegant Design & New Garden Friends

Recently I did some pruning and consulting with a dynamic couple in Poughkeepsie, John and Gayle. Forty years ago they converted a red brick barn into a contemporary marvel of comfort and beauty (John’s an architect). One of the outdoor design features that really delighted me was this fantastic tiered series of perennial planters in … Continue reading

Larisa Code: “What smells better than fresh soil?”

Larisa Code, landscape designer, gardener, community green gal and all-around Earth lover’s bio begins simply:  “Larisa Code has been an avid gardener her entire life.”  And so she has. She no only uses her own home and garden as a real-life working and experiment on green gardening and eco-gardening.  She balances designing the gardens of … Continue reading

It’s time to start canning!

Canning season is here, which means it is time to get those supplies out of the closet. For you beginners, this post should help guide you to get the supplies needed. The first step is to determine what you want to can. Depending on what you want to preserve you will either need a boiling-water … Continue reading

In The Writer’s Garden: Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick is one of those people you are automatically drawn to and admire. At one moment she is reading an amazing piece of her writing – maybe from a novel she has written, maybe a short story.  Then the next moment she is serving some amazing dish she has cooked from ingredients grown in … Continue reading

Open Garden Days II: Arresting Simplicity

On Open Days, sponsored by the Garden Conservancy, my husband and I delight in the non-plant elements that give a garden a sense of magic. Sometimes a beautiful pot doesn’t have to be planted, it can just be filled with stones. Or the right sculpture can make a bed of unexciting groundcover come alive. Or a salvaged piece … Continue reading

Open Gardens, Part I: Meeting a Virtuoso

My husband Dale and I have been mastering the day trip, built around visits to some of the coolest private gardens in the Hudson Valley. The Garden Conservancy, the horticultural analog to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, raises funds each summer through the Open Days project. There are dozens of gardens to see in the Hudson … Continue reading

Lessons Learned … and Foliage Love

When I moved into my new husband’s place last summer, I committed a classic horticultural error. This is embarrassing for a horticulturist. Dale and I went to the fabulous Catskill Native Nursery in Kerhonkson NY where I picked out some of my favorite plants, including native ginger (Asarum canadensis) and native cutleaf elderberry (Sambucus canadensis ‘Laciniata’). These are plants that are indigenous to moist … Continue reading

Beekeeping 4-1-1 with Special Guest, Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson, upon hearing about FarmHouse Magazine in its idea stage said something like this:  “Oh that sounds cool.  I have a pretty big garden,  I keep bees, umm…let me know if I can help out in anyway?”  Just a warning never offer help to a FarmHouse girl because she will always, always collect! So … Continue reading