Life Bubbling Up & Spilling Over

Sarah just wrote about “Cooking for Real Life,” and talked about why she hasn’t posted on FarmHouse in some while. My hiatus is because my family and friend constellation has been expanding and humming like mad. My stepdaughter had a baby three months ago and it’s thrilling to be involved in his/their lives. There is … Continue reading

♪ We’re Going to the Cha-pel and We’re, Gonna Prune Rhooooo-dies ♪

About ten years ago I had a miserable teaching experience–so much so, I hung up my teaching hat for a good long while. But teaching shrub pruning these last two springs, to SUNY New Paltz Lifetime Learning Institute students, has been a healing experience. This spring especially, a deep feeling of connection and a spirit … Continue reading

Pizza Nite at Palazzo Pisano (Food, Art + Love)

Menu: Home made pizza (including the crust) Wine (including champagne during preparation, a must) Salad (with homemade crotons + homemade dressing) Partners in crime:     Suz and Tom Pisano (happy accomplice Me) So I invited myself over to Suz and Tom’s place after a missed opportunity to eat pizza and wine the week before, I was … Continue reading

Creative Reuse! Materials, medium and being open to what comes.

After reporting on the lovely Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse I started thinking about some creative reuse of my own.  In addition to the things I found at CCR, but also things from antique shops, vintage stores, friends…So here is a little story about what I did with the stuff I find and what’s up … Continue reading

Larisa Code: “What smells better than fresh soil?”

Larisa Code, landscape designer, gardener, community green gal and all-around Earth lover’s bio begins simply:  “Larisa Code has been an avid gardener her entire life.”  And so she has. She no only uses her own home and garden as a real-life working and experiment on green gardening and eco-gardening.  She balances designing the gardens of … Continue reading

Grandma’s Ravioli = Cute Men in the Kitchen

Not sure what is sexier than men cooking. I really don’t. I had dinner at the lovely new home of Tim and Suz Pisano recently.  Tim: amazing sculptor, painter, etc.  and Suz: amazing designer of fashion, bags, hats, etc.   Well there was a major ravioli making fest happening.  Including the making of fresh dough for … Continue reading

Celebrating Reuse at the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

It all started with a 7” inch white zipper.  I could not find it at the national big box sewing and crafts store.  So I did what anyone would do in that situation.  I googled it. Among the list of usual suspects, was the name Center for Creative Reuse.  There was an invitation to joy … Continue reading

Open Gardens IV: Secret Garden

What makes this secret garden so magical? It’s set lower than the main floor of the house, so has a “sunken garden” feeling. The color scheme is deliberate and warm–notice they stick steadfastly to autumnal (sometimes hot) colors, which I love. The garden is packed full of plants. There is some soothing repetition of plants, but there are … Continue reading

A Call for Recipes!

Hello all! It is the lazy cook of FarmHouse Mag, yep that is me.  You know making something from something else, the 5 minute rule. Well I am willing to change my ways, but only if you help.   You see I love baguettes, but often buy, well…how should I say this not the best … Continue reading

In The Writer’s Garden: Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick is one of those people you are automatically drawn to and admire. At one moment she is reading an amazing piece of her writing – maybe from a novel she has written, maybe a short story.  Then the next moment she is serving some amazing dish she has cooked from ingredients grown in … Continue reading