Easter Feast for Two

OMG update!

So yeah, when I say “for two,” I really mean that just two people ate this dinner. Which could have easily fed four. Or six. Or possibly even ten if I had made more potatoes and root veggies and the extra pound of asparagus I have in the fridge.

easter dinner

Chad and I spent Easter all by our lonesomes as we did not go up to his parents’ for the weekend and my family is thousands of miles away. And despite an invitation to all our “family-less” friends, apparently none of them were family-less for the holiday, so it was just us and the Pie.

I did this all (yes, all) in one day. Including the eggs. Which meant a lot of dishes (which Chad manfully washed) and a lot of time in the kitchen, but not so much time that we couldn’t take the Pie for a walk, or that I didn’t notice the crocus blooming surprisingly in the woods (from the squirrels who raided my garden of all crocus last year, I’m sure) on my way back from buying ten pounds of flour at the grocery store.

purple crocus in the woods

There was also no dessert (although I contemplated making an almond yogurt cake, but I only have one oven and, sadly, only one oven rack). Or even Easter candy. We did eat some Easter treats from a friend’s mom (mostly yesterday), but we ate them all before dinner.

I had the opportunity to use all of my beautiful, Easter-appropriate, pastel vintage dishes, which I’m sure I’ll post about at some point.

At any rate, you readers that are loyally left, enjoy the pretty photos. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

bunny buns

easter ham

scallion mashed potatoes

roasted carrots, parsnips, and shallots with orange


naturally dyed eggs

Look for recipes, how-to posts, photo walks and more in the next few weeks. FarmHouse might actually be getting back into the groove again. Must be all this (finally!) warm weather!

2 Responses to “Easter Feast for Two”
  1. So, where are the recipes?

    • vintagejenta says:

      Lol! They are forthcoming. Probably tomorrow. I don’t know if I can share the bun recipe (it’s the mom-in-law’s to which I added an extra egg because I only had one left), but I can definitely share the technique for shaping the buns. Everything else is easy peasy.

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