Reuse to Remember: Vintage T-Shirts into Bags

So I am moving to Malaysia this week, I know how many times have someone said this to you today?   But really I am.  And one of my most favorite geeky things are re-usable grocery bags.  When I was moving out of my apartment in NY and escaping Hurricane Irene I used my cache … Continue reading

Camping supplies

What is it about camping that makes it so wonderful? Is it the fresh air, cooking over the fire, the freedom? I actually can’t pin point exactly why I love camping so much, I just know that during the warmer months it is always in the back of my mind. Before you head out the … Continue reading

In The Writer’s Garden: Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick is one of those people you are automatically drawn to and admire. At one moment she is reading an amazing piece of her writing – maybe from a novel she has written, maybe a short story.  Then the next moment she is serving some amazing dish she has cooked from ingredients grown in … Continue reading

Summer Shells

I love the beach.  I love the water.  I really want to be a surfer and I really want to learn how to sail.  I plan to do both things.  But for now in addition to just frolicking in the surf I pick up little shells that I like.  Not a ton of shells just … Continue reading

Postcard from Bridgeport Part 3 of 4 (or so…)

Here is a young artist making something beautiful and telling it like it is: “Believe In Yourself” “Hope, No Fear” Among other great thoughts love it! ———– Bridgeport CT There is an energy coming from the pavement, around the curves of the amazing historic building, in the scent from the water close by and an … Continue reading

Postcard from Bridgeport Part 2 of 4 (or so…)

This is Liz Squillace her company Paradox Ink makes very very cool t-shirts. Her logo is just about the coolest thing I have seen. I wanted to buy at least three of the shirts she had… Here she is making one, she looks happy about the result! Love seeing a smile during the creative process! … Continue reading

A Postcard (a few) from: Bridgeport CT

So this weekend I have been able to spend time with two of my most favorite-est people in the world. Rod and Marcy in CT. They took me to the Bridgeport Arts Festival in CT. I am not sure if I knew anything about Bridgeport before they took me there. But once we got out … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Sailing, swahili and summer

Okay I have only been sailing about half a dozen times: Chesapeake Bay, Lake Michigan, Indian Ocean…Allegheny,Ohio and Monongahela Rivers (does that count?) Good Ship Lollipop?  Okay, okay. But I love sailing, because I love the water.  Mosley family legend has it when I was 2-years old I jumped into the deep end of the … Continue reading

Hiking with special guest Addie Haas

All Photos by Christina Bonifacio Addie Haas is literally the first person I met in the Hudson Valley when I moved here last spring.  She has been such a lifeline and is an amazing loving, adventurous spirit, I love being in her presence. So when I was thinking about doing FarmHouse’s first hiking story.  I … Continue reading

Up In the Air: How to cope with air travel

On Thursday I leave for home on a long flight with four stops (two flight changes) between me and home. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t mind the whole actual flying thing, but man does the smell of jet fuel and stale air make you nauseous. And airport food? Forget it. Fast food … Continue reading