When We Spring Too Early

  This topic has been weighing on my mind a lot lately, so I’m going to write it out. Humans have a tendency after long cold winters (like the one we just had) to crave fresh, green, growing things and fresh fruits. Except, Mother Nature generally needs time to produce these things. As in, several … Continue reading

Cooking for Real Life

Oh FarmHouse. I have been remiss. I have not posted for eons and this always happens to me – leaving things unfinished or forgetting about them or just not feeling like posting. Or, more frequently, not caring about posting pictures. And y’know what? I’ve always hated magazines (and blogs) that were little more than pictures, … Continue reading

Love (and tulips) grows with time

I know, kinda silly and cliched-sounding, right? Well, I happen to think it’s true. Of tulips, at the very least. Remember this picture from Valentine’s Day? See how short the tulips are compared to my beautiful milk glass vase? And how they’re not even open – all closed up and tight and bud-like? Well, here … Continue reading

An Early Valentine

Below is an early Valentine from all of us at FarmHouse to all of you, courtesy of FarmHouse reader and talented poet Patricia Ranzoni. BEDDING VOWS (for exchanging) Confessing in abiding peace, darling, I’m sorry for any way I let us down today. Thank you for every effort you’ve made for us. My love for … Continue reading

Readers Write: A Farmwife’s Kiss

Editors: FarmHouse is proud to present our first reader write-in. This lovely piece comes from Jamie Lockman, who lives in Missoula, Montana. Welcome, Jamie! Jamie: “A Farmwife’s Kiss” is the result of my mom catching a brief moment with her camera many years ago and me taking creative non-fiction classes. I spent nine years on … Continue reading

What Does Thanksgiving Mean?

I know, I know! It’s super way too early to talk about Thanksgiving, especially since it’s not even Halloween yet! But I read this article on Epicurious today and it begged the question – what does Thanksgiving really mean? In the article Molly O’Neill, author of One Big Table: A Portrait of American Cooking, talks … Continue reading

In The Writer’s Garden: Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick is one of those people you are automatically drawn to and admire. At one moment she is reading an amazing piece of her writing – maybe from a novel she has written, maybe a short story.  Then the next moment she is serving some amazing dish she has cooked from ingredients grown in … Continue reading