Hurricanes again


What I may end up doing if the power goes out. (Cooking demo at New Windsor Cantonment.)

Some of you may have remembered the time we had with Hurricane Irene last year. And then there was last year’s Halloween blizzard. Well, now we’ve got Hurricane Sandy barreling down on us here in the Hudson Valley. Seems like hurricanes (or snor’eastercanes?) may be the norm in the future.

AND, since I have free time and can’t go anywhere and am in the thinking mood, I’m finally updating poor FarmHouse. Work seems to keep us all busy these days. Or rather, the time I have off I’d rather spend actually doing the cooking and crafting, rather than blogging about it.

But here we are, writing again. As I type the wind is howling outside my snug little house, which is low on fuel oil and wood. *sigh* Thank goodness we own so much wooly clothing. And blankets. Even though it is really not that cold out right now, it may will be.

I’m not writing to complain. Nay, I am writing to urge all you merry readers in the Northeast to use Hurricane Sandy to your advantage. Especially if you are safe and snug, even if your power is out.

Here is last year’s post of things to do when the power goes out.

And here is one from SassyRadish of things to do during Hurricane Sandy.

I’ve already done some knitting, a lot of reading, laundry, dishes (well, Chad actually does them, I just put them away), watched the Weather Channel, perused the weather news, put my car in the middle of a field so no trees can fall on it (no, really), stocked up on milk, and started cooking. I may well yet get to:

  • doing some more mending, including finishing the tears in the crappy sheet set we just bought which is disintegrating, and maybe actually fixing a pair or two of my favorite jeans which have worn through in the thighs.
  • cataloging my cookbook collection, both physical and vintage ones on the Kindle (no really, I keep forgetting whether I already have some or not).
  • Transcribing handwritten antique and vintage cookbooks, for fun!
  • Sorting through clothes I should probably get rid of and adding them to the pile of as-of-yet-undelivered boxes of clothes set to go to the thrift store.
  • Cuddling the Sweetie Pie. Who is furry. And the other sweetie pie, who is tall and does dishes.
  • Baking something. Probably pumpkins, so I can make Chad’s new-favorite pumpkin bread pudding again. If I have enough milk.
  • Making lists of things to do before winter sets in.
  • Pay bills.

UGH. Hate that last one. Especially since payday will be delayed this week, due to the Hurricane. *sigh*

Are any of you doing anything to keep busy during the hurricane?

2 Responses to “Hurricanes again”
  1. Well, we carved pumpkins, baked pumpkin seeds and now to make some pumpkin bread!

    • vintagejenta says:

      Nice! I have three little sugar pie pumpkins that need roasting, and napa cabbage, carrots, and granny smith apples that need to be turned into a salad. Made knoephla soup for dinner, pot roast on the docket for tomorrow, although I am now out of potatoes.

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