An Early Valentine

Below is an early Valentine from all of us at FarmHouse to all of you, courtesy of FarmHouse reader and talented poet Patricia Ranzoni. BEDDING VOWS (for exchanging) Confessing in abiding peace, darling, I’m sorry for any way I let us down today. Thank you for every effort you’ve made for us. My love for … Continue reading

Opera for the People

Like so many people, I’d pooh-poohed opera, but then I realized, maybe it’s just because I hadn’t really paid attention to it. The only exposure to opera I’d had was to satires of it, such as the “Kill the Wabbit” Wagner Ring spoof sung by Elmer Fudd. The doorway in for me was a serenely … Continue reading

Kingston Artist Larry Decker

In the Decker family, you learned to read, you learned to write, you did art. Your parents made sure your desk was filled with art supplies—but there was not much discussion about art; it was just something the whole family did. So it was ironic that Larry Decker’s artistic talent vexed his high school art … Continue reading

Is it beauty? (If it’s toxic?)

Reprinted and revised from Idia’Dega Eco-Fashion Blog Recently I attended an event discussing the Beauty industry and its not so beautiful ways. In addition to the consistently culturally biased views of beauty so prevalent and globally distributed and sadly happily digested by the world. The way many of these products are made and what they … Continue reading