Opera for the People

Like so many people, I’d pooh-poohed opera, but then I realized, maybe it’s just because I hadn’t really paid attention to it. The only exposure to opera I’d had was to satires of it, such as the “Kill the Wabbit” Wagner Ring spoof sung by Elmer Fudd. The doorway in for me was a serenely … Continue reading

Creative Reuse! Materials, medium and being open to what comes.

After reporting on the lovely Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse I started thinking about some creative reuse of my own.  In addition to the things I found at CCR, but also things from antique shops, vintage stores, friends…So here is a little story about what I did with the stuff I find and what’s up … Continue reading

Summer Shells

I love the beach.  I love the water.  I really want to be a surfer and I really want to learn how to sail.  I plan to do both things.  But for now in addition to just frolicking in the surf I pick up little shells that I like.  Not a ton of shells just … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Sailing, swahili and summer

Okay I have only been sailing about half a dozen times: Chesapeake Bay, Lake Michigan, Indian Ocean…Allegheny,Ohio and Monongahela Rivers (does that count?) Good Ship Lollipop?  Okay, okay. But I love sailing, because I love the water.  Mosley family legend has it when I was 2-years old I jumped into the deep end of the … Continue reading

Fourth Fashion!

Windows One of the great joys of a trip to NYC is my visit to the Met and my walk down Fifth Avenue.  During this last NY Fashion Week, Bergdorf had an amazing display of vintage flags and banners along with beautiful white dresses. Seemed like a nice time to present these images.  What great … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Ostrich

Image:  Masterfile During my first week as a grad student in Kenya, heck, my first week in Kenya, my Rotary host took me to the Nairobi National Park.  It is so very close to the City Centre, here is a real picture of the park with the skyline of Nairobi in the background. So my … Continue reading

Wedding Stories

This all came about was we were all sitting in a bookstore/coffee shop.   Brainstorming ideas for future stories.  And Sarah said “What about weddings?  It is June!!”  Ashley was from what I remember excited about the idea and Tereneh was of the opinion that weddings are just fine.  And then upon further thought we decided to … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: An Elephant Tale (+ear)

I had never given much thought to elephants before I lived in Kenya.  Sure I had seen them at the zoo, on TV and read about them in books:  Babar, Richard Scarry.  So when I went on my first safari in Kenya and I was told at Amboseli there are a lot of elephant, I … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Jaracanda

Inspiration Point As a fashion designer I find myself drifting off mid-sentence, or worse seemingly day dreaming when someone else is speaking.  No, I am not bored or falling asleep (usually).  I am thinking of a project I have to do or I am inspired by what I am seeing at that very moment, ‘Oh … Continue reading

Simple Sewing: T-Shirt “Something Old but New For You”

    Turning Something Old into Something New For You Summertime, summertime, summ summ, summer time – t-shirt time!! If you’re like me. you troll vintage shops, thrift stores, the Goodwill, Salvation Army.  And regardless if you’re a girl or a boy you have to check out the t-shirt sections in both areas.  Heck I … Continue reading