L-R: Tereneh, Ashley, Sarah

Tereneh: Sarah, so what do we write? Why did we start this? What inspired us?

Ashley: Who’s idea was this in the first place? I think it was Sarah’s.

Sarah: Ha! I’m writing this down. You guys are hilarious. But seriously. We started it because we are all awesome and interested in similar, but different things, right?

Tereneh: And you always had some cool recipe or thing that you had done and I was always like, “Oh that sounds so good! Teach me how to do that!”

Sarah: And I was always like, “You made that?!” For both of you. We all have such different skills. And we were envious of each other?

Tereneh & Ashley: Right!

So what exactly is FarmHouse?

FarmHouse, for us, is a state of mind. You don’t have to live on a farm or in the country and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. For us, FarmHouse is about being inspired by nature and the natural world – in food, in fashion, in the home, in the hands, and on paper. It is also about the joy of the handmade and homemade life with a deep sense of history.

And who is “us?”

Ashley Biagini (irmaelaine) is a museum professional living in the Hudson River Valley. She grew up on a dairy farm and loves canning, cooking, baking, quilting, 18th century fiber arts, woodworking, knitting, embroidery, watercolor painting, sewing her own historically-inspired clothes, and finding and wearing vintage clothes. She also makes fantastic homemade salsa. Her secret aspirations is to be a small business owner selling the things she makes.

Sarah Wassberg (vintagejenta) is a museum professional and foodie living in the Hudson River Valley. She grew up in a big city in North Dakota (yes, they do exist) and loves vintage cookbooks, vintage dishes, cooking, baking, experimenting with new recipes and weird old-fashioned vegetables, writing, playing violin, guitar, singing, and ballroom dancing. She dabbles in knitting, embroidery, calligraphy, and other crafty-type things. Her secret aspirations are to have a band again and write a cookbook. Check our her websites here and here.

Tereneh Mosley (idiadega) is a fashion designer and fashion professor who works in New York City. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived all over the world. She loves designing and creating clothing and is inspired by fashions of the past and the natural world. She loves to eat, so she cooks. Her secret aspirations are to get her motorcycle license renewed and get a hunting license. Check out her website here.

All three met working at the same museum and discovered similar, but different interests. Driven by the dearth of “good” magazines out there, they are sharing their own styles and lives in the spirit of FarmHouse.


Michelle with Butter Buns Sutton, her house bunny.

Michelle Sutton (michellejudysutton) is a horticulturist, editor of a city forestry magazine, and garden writer for Chronogram, Upstate Gardener’s Journal, and other magazines (www.michellejudysutton.com).

She moved from Rochester to the Hudson Valley two summers ago to be with her new husband, Dale. She and her husband have a house bunny, Butter, a 3-lb Holland lop. Michelle loves to grow vegetables and ornamentals, cook, and practice yoga. She recently resumed practicing piano after a 32-year hiatus. Dale has two awesome grown kids and one brand new grandbaby who is proving to be awesome so far.

6 Responses to “About”
  1. Lisa says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for future issues!

  2. Ramilda Newell says:

    Looking forward to reading future issues!

  3. Nancy says:

    This is wonderful you guys! What a great venue to share your talents and interests and inspire others to participate! Bravo!!

  4. Sara says:

    You ladies are my kindred spirits!

  5. Tereneh it was so great to meet you at the Bridgeport Arts Fest, I love the whole idea of the FarmHouse magazine. I may send some writings in about making my work for Made in Bridgeport and what inspires me about the history of industry, and art. I am so delighted that you found as much joy with the piece you purchased as I find joy in the creation of it. Making wearable art has been a long time love since childhood. My environment and having a good eye for design helped to grow my interest as an artist. I want my pieces to serve as good omens for the wearer and I hope they find as much excitement in the work as you have, Thanks so much for the article you wrote .

  6. Marisa says:

    We’re all cut from the same cloth 🙂 Welcome aboard eve’s apple! ~Marisa (mcproco.wordpress.com)

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