Our first garden together.

Our vegetable garden

It amazes me how many different ways there are to grow a vegetable garden. This year my fiance and I are growing our first vegetable garden together and we are doing it our way, along with her way, his way, the book said this way, so and so said to do it this way, the computer says this way and on and on. Lets just say that this year we are doing it the trial and error way. So far we have learned a lot, and are loving spending time outside and just being together. Tony, my fiance, has described our team as “Your the brains and I am the do’er”, but as we are finding out we share these roles, because I love to plant the vegetables and he loves to design, check out these handmade gates!

Moving the new gates to the garden.

The main entrance to the garden, beautifully designed and constructed by Tony.

Here is Tony with the larger gate, which will allow a truck or tractor to get into the garden when needed.

Our vegetable garden is located on Tony’s Uncles Farm, who has graciously allowed us to use the garden plot this year. The area was used a few years back, but the fence wasn’t quite complete, so we finished putting up the fence and added some gates. Thank goodness the posts were already set!

It is starting to look green outside everywhere!

The most two important things for us the last few months was preparing our vegetable garden soil and the fence to keep out the critters, which has been the most scary part of this process! There are lots of woodchucks, raccoons, deer, turkeys, you name it, it live on the farm, including some friendly animals Angel, Frank, Tony and Petunia (the 3 goats and pig). The fence is 6 feet high and since it was mostly already put up, we decided that instead of digging down 2 feet and putting a fence below, to keep out the woodchucks, we would try a solar powered electric fence. Yes, maybe we are over protecting our garden, but with all the hard-work we are putting and are going to put inside the garden, we want to be able to enjoy our harvest when it comes time! I had a bad experience a few years backs with a vegetable garden, which was fenced in, the deer ate over the fence and woodchucks got in underneath. Once the woodchucks were in the garden, there was no way of getting them out, unless if I wanted to take drastic measures, but I didn’t.

Tony and Frank, with Angel in the back.

Petunia, the pig.

Once the fence was complete we began focusing on the soil. Luckily there was an old silo on the farm with some decomposing silage, so throughout the late winter we began pitching it out and spreading that on the garden. There is also a horse farm down the road that allowed us to take some of their old manure and a few of our friends gave us loads as well. Almost all of the garden, which is 60′ x 60′ got covered in rich compost. Recently that rich compost was rototilled into the soil!

Newly tilled and planted rows.

One half of the garden has been rototilled and a few rows of carrots, peas, and kale have been planted! Just yesterday I checked to see if the peas were germinated and look they are alive!!

The peas are alive!

Now that there aren’t too many things to worry about with the fence and soil anymore, we are on to worrying about watering and the weeds! We are going to use newspaper between some of the rows and see how that works out.

Covering between rows with newspaper

Row getting covered with newspaper…

We are trying our green thumbs out on a vegetable garden this year, are you? We would love to hear about your trial and errors or other stories you may have about your vegetable garden, write to us at farmhousemag(at)gmail(dot)com or comment below! I am sure I will have more tales from the garden to come in the future! We would also like to thank everyone for all of there advice, we will be asking many other questions so be prepared!

I hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful weather!

3 Responses to “Our first garden together.”
  1. Hi Ashley and Tony,
    Great post, great pics! That is a big garden with a real solid fence. You will have so much fun! Love the pics of Tony and Frank the goaties, and of course, the lovely Petunia. You guys might want to consider no-till gardening in future, to reduce the weeding you do. I just learned all about it from Jay and Polly Armour at Four Winds Farm and wrote a story about it. I’m going no-till in my veg garden.
    http://issuu.com/chronogram/docs/chronogram_0512/1 (see p 39)
    Nice post and looking forward to reading about your garden’s progress,

  2. vintagejenta says:

    The goats are so cute! You can also use rotted straw or hay between the rows to keep the moisture in and the weeds out.

    We haven’t even built our raised beds yet, but we’re going to put in a 6×12′ section behind the kitchen. So it will be a real kitchen garden!

    We were thinking about solar electric fencing too. How much did yours cost? Our garden is not nearly as big, but we have some very persistent woodchucks. Might just put up chicken wire to keep them from jumping up into the beds like they did last year.

  3. I am so impressed. this garden is a big deal – Please keep us
    posted as things start growing!

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