The Bird’s the Word: Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow egg

After a thunderstorm the other day I found this in a field (see above), which made me wonder what type of bird it belongs to? So I took it home and looked it up online and found out it is a barn swallow egg, which makes sense. There is a barn located only a short distance away from where the egg was found and many barn swallows have built their nests.

Barn Swallow nest

Barn Swallows will pretty much build nests anywhere, check out this image below. This nest is located on a garage door, I guess this door will not be closing anytime soon. The one annoying thing about the birds building their nests inside the barn is that below the nests are pills of bird poop, yuck! They are really amazing birds to watch though, they fly low to the ground and in circles, almost swarming around the barn to keep watch of their babies. Their pointy wings, tail and fast movement make them a spectacle to watch.

Birds nest located on a garage door.

Barn Swallow, 1814, Wilson, Natural History of Birds of the United States.

I do not own this book, but it looks really good. Eyewitness Handbook, Birds’ Eggs, By Michael Walters.

Other resources/fun stuff:

Wikipedia, Barn Swallow.

The Rivingtons~The Bird’s the Word

Angry Birds

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