An Early Valentine

Below is an early Valentine from all of us at FarmHouse to all of you, courtesy of FarmHouse reader and talented poet Patricia Ranzoni. BEDDING VOWS (for exchanging) Confessing in abiding peace, darling, I’m sorry for any way I let us down today. Thank you for every effort you’ve made for us. My love for … Continue reading

Readers Write: A Farmwife’s Kiss

Editors: FarmHouse is proud to present our first reader write-in. This lovely piece comes from Jamie Lockman, who lives in Missoula, Montana. Welcome, Jamie! Jamie: “A Farmwife’s Kiss” is the result of my mom catching a brief moment with her camera many years ago and me taking creative non-fiction classes. I spent nine years on … Continue reading

A Call for Recipes!

Hello all! It is the lazy cook of FarmHouse Mag, yep that is me.  You know making something from something else, the 5 minute rule. Well I am willing to change my ways, but only if you help.   You see I love baguettes, but often buy, well…how should I say this not the best … Continue reading

Reader’s Response: Natural Beauties

[Editor: Amanda sent in this gorgeous photo in response to our Natural Beauties article.] Hello! I’m Amanda Jones from Dolgeville, NY and I’ve always loved taking pictures of anything that has to do with nature, especially flowers! I am submitting a photo of some tulips I found growing in the front yard of my mother-in-law’s home. I’d … Continue reading