Larisa Code: “What smells better than fresh soil?”

Larisa Code, landscape designer, gardener, community green gal and all-around Earth lover’s bio begins simply:  “Larisa Code has been an avid gardener her entire life.”  And so she has. She no only uses her own home and garden as a real-life working and experiment on green gardening and eco-gardening.  She balances designing the gardens of … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Ostrich

Image:  Masterfile During my first week as a grad student in Kenya, heck, my first week in Kenya, my Rotary host took me to the Nairobi National Park.  It is so very close to the City Centre, here is a real picture of the park with the skyline of Nairobi in the background. So my … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: An Elephant Tale (+ear)

I had never given much thought to elephants before I lived in Kenya.  Sure I had seen them at the zoo, on TV and read about them in books:  Babar, Richard Scarry.  So when I went on my first safari in Kenya and I was told at Amboseli there are a lot of elephant, I … Continue reading

Wear White

Well Sarah you are going to cover Edwardian and Victorian era white clothing at some point right?  So I will try to do the “modern era.”   In this case I follow Oprah’s rule, “You can wear white all year long.”  And I do.  But post-Memorial Day white wearing is also I kind of harbinger of … Continue reading