Grandma’s Ravioli = Cute Men in the Kitchen

Not sure what is sexier than men cooking. I really don’t.

Hurly, Tim and Jason serious Ravioli making going on

I had dinner at the lovely new home of Tim and Suz Pisano recently.  Tim: amazing sculptor, painter, etc.  and Suz: amazing designer of fashion, bags, hats, etc.   Well there was a major ravioli making fest happening.  Including the making of fresh dough for the ravioli and not one but two pots of meatballs cooking.

I sat away from the table (flour scares me), drank wine and watched.  I was the only woman in the kitchen except Jason’s lovely daughter and the occasional visit by Suz.   I did absolutley nothing but watch, drink wine, laugh, take pictures and steal meatballs from the pot.

Then Tim said to me “Did you see the recipe book I am using?”  I grabbed it off the counter and my hear leaped.  It was a book of collected recipes from Tim’s grandmother!

Her name, Concetta Crognale she lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. What Tim remembers most is “her constant smile and hand made home made everything.”  And he says he has used her cookbook, “…More times than I can count.”

So sweet and so smart. You know that is something you say you should do but never do?  Well Tim’s family did, so sweet.  Makes you think it is time to do the same, no?  Si!

Well as you can imagine the raviolis were amazing.  I think I had (well I lost count) a lot but want more.

Enjoying grandma's ravioli


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