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What is it about camping that makes it so wonderful? Is it the fresh air, cooking over the fire, the freedom? I actually can’t pin point exactly why I love camping so much, I just know that during the warmer months it is always in the back of my mind.

Before you head out the door on your next camping adventure make sure you pack the right supplies to create less stress out in the middle of no where! Here is a camping checklist guide to help you out. Click here to download the camping checklist guide.

Cooking over the campfire

Plastic bins are a great place to store your camping supplies and are somewhat waterproof. The best part is most of your camping supplies (if you don’t use them elsewhere) can stay in the bins until they are needed again.

The picnic table at dinner time and Tony collecting firewood.

If you decide to camp at a campsite find out what they provide, such as picnic tables, bathrooms, showers, and running water. Also find out about any possible bear activity, rules and places to go in case it rains, unfortunately I have some experience with this. Last year we (Tony and I) went camping in late summer, and the second day into our four day trip it began to rain. There was literally a stream running through our tent and there was no stop in sight, so we pack up and drove a couple hours to find a hotel. Even though we missed out on the campfire and hiking, we were still glad to be on vacation!

The spread...yummy. We used both metal plates and paper plates to help cut down on some of the washing.

If you are camping with a group or family, split the supply list in half and try not to overlap your supplies, it will create less “stuff” for each group to bring and take back. Just think after your are done packing and once you get to your campsite you will be able to relax in the fresh air with the stars above!

Campfire, now it is marshmallow time!

We would love to hear about your camping experiences, supply suggestions and tips! Send them along to farmhousemag(at)gmail(dot)com or respond below.

2 Responses to “Camping supplies”
  1. vintagejenta says:

    We went camping ALL THE TIME when I was young. We’d back up our plastic tote bins (yes! We did that too) – each person got one to carry all of their stuff. Then we packed them into our little pop-up camper, loaded up the car with the food (and later the dog) and headed out. We had a mini van, so my little sister Rachel and I each got a seat, so we didn’t fight. Once we arrived, we all pitched in to help set up the pop-up, with me helping Dad do most of the heavy lifting. Then Mom arranged everything inside and we were set! I loved sleeping in the pop-up because you got an actual, kind-of bed that was off of the ground, but you still had that lovely canvas stretched over you. It was especially nice when it rained.

    One of my most vivid camping memories was of going to Lake Superior with the whole family, including our little puppy, Max. We drove about five hours, then spent the night in a little state park (Minnesota is great like that) and Max met a big old golden retriever owned by a nice old man and promptly tried to dominate her (he was weird like that). Then we packed up the next day and drove on toward Temperance River State Park. Except that it started raining. Hard. And didn’t stop. So we spent the night in a hotel (and smuggled Max in the back) and spent the night, then woke up the next morning to no rain, so went on to the campground.

    Our campsite was right near the cliffs along Lake Superior and a short walk from the beach and Temperance River. It was early June (which is, after early October, my favorite time to camp) so nights were still quite chilly and there was no way in hell anyone was actually going in the water. But Max, Rachel and I spent a lot of time acting like goats and jumping around and exploring the rocky cliffs. The cliffs were quite flat on top and we followed them all the way down until we found a little secluded stone beach. We scrambled down to investigate and later dragged Mom and Dad along. We spent a few days there exploring the shore and the trails, seeing the waterfalls of temperance river and the old glacial cauldrons. Max fell into a cauldron full of stagnant water that was covered in green algae that he must have thought was land. He was gross and we had to clean him up. We visited Split Rock Lighthouse and smelled chocolate chip cookies being baked by the first-person, costumed, lighthouse keepers, but weren’t allowed to have any.

    We had a campfire every night and there were no bugs because it was still so cold. It rained a couple of times, but always at night – never during the day. The weather was perfectly cool – not too hot, not too cold during the day. And the nights watching stars and talking around the fire and doing little crafty things or reading a book in bed while rain pattered on the canvas overhead was fantastic.

    After a few days, we went home. But for some reason, it still sticks in my mind as one of the best camping trips ever. My only regrets? The bathhouse showers had timers on them of like, two minutes. And it was really cold. So you’d get two minutes of warmish hot water, and then have to huddle, freezing cold and shivering, to fiddle with the thing to get it started again. Lol… Still, I would definitely do it all over again. I miss camping!

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