Hiking with special guest Addie Haas

All Photos by Christina Bonifacio

Addie Haas, the wonderful, a lil wee nip at the Sky Top Tower photo Christina Bonifacio

Addie Haas is literally the first person I met in the Hudson Valley when I moved here last spring.  She has been such a lifeline and is an amazing loving, adventurous spirit, I love being in her presence.

So when I was thinking about doing FarmHouse’s first hiking story.  I had to ask Addie to be a major part of it.  Here are her words about her hiking experiences and images of some of our adventures this spring.

Read on….

So when did you first come to NP? What brought you here?
Moved to NP in 1962. Husband got a job at SUNY

Lemon Squeeze at the Labyrinth, Mohonk New Paltz NY photo: Christina Bonifacio

Do you remember your first hike?
I’ve always loved walking in the woods. I remember walking with my father in Central Park (meager woods, I know), but also at Bear Mt State Park.

Oh, Central Park is amazing.  So what about your first solo hike?
I don’t remember that it was a big deal. I just was alone and I was not afraid. It was fun and I enjoyed the solitude (still do).

Addie and Tereneh, break time photo by Christina Bonifacio

What’s has been the most scared you have been on an outdoor adventure?
Very good question. I was hiking in the winter to Cornell Mt in the Catskills. Lots of snow and ice. I was with a group; purpose was to summit that Mt to achieve my Catskill 3500 Club Winter Patch. Some of the scrambles were very tough given the conditions. I was a little scared. Another scary adventure was also in the winter with Larry and another male friend. We hiked up Cascade Mt in the Adirondacks. Very windy, ice and snow.

How do you keep all of your amazing energy? It’s so impressive and inspiring!
I don’t think that it is amazing..

Maybe that is the secret? Now, what is your favorite hike in Hudson Valley? In the US! Overseas?
I love Gertrude’s Nose in the Shawangunks (Hudson Valley). I’ll go there with you some time. I love hiking in the White Mountains in NH. But I’ve not really been that many places in the US or overseas.

Judy, Tereneh and Addie at Bonticou Crag

What’s your recommendation for first time or novice hikers?
Hike with some friends who have been out before. Plan to do something not too difficult and plan on a 1-2 hour hike.

I am still kind of afraid of the woods, how should I get over that fear?
I don’t know. What are you afraid of? Animals? People? Falling?

Good point.  So what about gear? Me? I would rather spend money on fabric and fancy shoes, what’s a good “starting kit” for summer outdoor activity?
I’m not into fancy clothes. I just like comfort and I love the beauty of the outdoors. Good shoes and layered clothing. You do not want cotton because that stays wet when you sweat. A good job bra is good. Also you should have sunscreen and netting in case it is very buggy.

Have you ever made love on the woods? On a hike? You can tell me.
Of course! Of course! It’s the best.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a hike/outdoors?
I think “fun” rather than “funny.” But maybe when a friend on Bonticou Crag asked for a tea bag to put in water he had brought and boiled in a camp stove he brought up the Crag. Oh, another memory was hiking on a bushwhack near Hunter Mt. It was with an organized group. I looked up the hill and started to figure out how to climb when I noticed that everyone in the group had left me. Then I heard a voice behind me saying “I’ll walk with you.” It was the voice of a nice guy who was the designated “sweep.” I was slower than the others and he did, indeed, stay with me.

What’s the most vivid memory from a past hike?
There are many. I just thought about hiking through Mountain Laurel which started out being wonderful and beautiful but became just difficult and annoying because we could not get through it.

Addie, thanks! Did I leave out anything? Anything you like to add?
Ask Larry [Addie’s boyfriend] about his experiences. He fell into a crevice, got stuck in a cedar sink hole ( I think it was cedar) and has lots of stories.

Will do, thanks again.

All photos by Christina Bonifacio

3 Responses to “Hiking with special guest Addie Haas”
  1. Excellent piece, Tereneh. How did you and she first meet?

  2. idiadega says:

    Good question, I should have included that in the article. Two of my best friends moved me to NY, one of their dad is A close friend of Addie. So the day after the move we all meet up for dinner!

  3. jamiru says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of going on a few hikes with Addie and I completely agree: she is amazing and inspirational! Maybe the regular hikes are her secret to staying so young. Thanks for this great piece and the wonderful photos!

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