Inspiration Point: Sailing, swahili and summer

Okay I have only been sailing about half a dozen times:

Chesapeake Bay, Lake Michigan, Indian Ocean…Allegheny,Ohio and Monongahela Rivers (does that count?) Good Ship Lollipop?  Okay, okay.

But I love sailing, because I love the water.  Mosley family legend has it when I was 2-years old I jumped into the deep end of the local public pool and just started swimming.  I also recently discovered a water hole near my house in the Hudson Valley so you know, I cannot wait!

When not swimming, or trying to swim.  I spend a lot of time in my studio.  Looking at the scraps of fabrics and I also find myself looking at images that get my creativity a stirrin’.  Recently this image did just that:

Particularly the wrist!

Something about the colorful wrist harkens Summer! Summer! I think it is the sailing colors I imagine – white, blue and black. So the bikini stands out, the wrists stand out. I love it.

Then my mind drifts back toKenya and the amazing Christmas spent on Diani beach,just south ofMombasa, Kenya’s summer is our winter.

And seeing women in their colorful kangas walking the beach or the roads – while I try to buy them literally off their back!  So beautiful.

I did buy a lot of kangas but not off their back, off the beach stalls along the shore and also in the shops of Mombasa.  I rarely travel without a kanga or kikoy, even in the winter.  There is something about having that piece of colorful fabric with you.  I just roll it up in a ball and put in my purse or overnight bag.

And so in making clothing I end up with scraps of kimono, kikoy, kanga, and sari fabric. I can never bring myself to throw away even the smallest scrap of fabric.

So when I ordered this bracelet from eBay:

Traditional Sailors Rope Bracelet

 It got me thinking about all the scraps of fabric I have, wonderful colorful fabrics and so I came up with this:

Check them out on etsy.

Sarah and Ashley likes theirs!

2 Responses to “Inspiration Point: Sailing, swahili and summer”
  1. vintagejenta says:

    Sailing would be really fantastic right now. I think tonight might mean a swim in MY swimming hole, which is alas, not even remotely close to my house. Lol.

  2. I love my braided bracelet (fourth one from the right) so very much, Tereneh. I have had such a utilitarian approach to clothing … you are really opening my eyes!

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