Summer Shells

Shell ring as found on beach in Kenya and Shells from Long Beach Island, NJ

I love the beach.  I love the water.  I really want to be a surfer and I really want to learn how to sail.  I plan to do both things.  But for now in addition to just frolicking in the surf I pick up little shells that I like.  Not a ton of shells just little interesting pieces.  In fact my full shell collection count since 2005 is four shells.

The first of these shells I found onDiani Beach south of Mombasa in Kenya. 

Shell ring as found on Diani Beach, Kenya

I spent three years in Kenya working on my Masters thesis in Fashion.  This shell was actually just the center of the conch.  I loved the sculptural look of the shell.  I thought about wearing it on a string but then I realized it made the perfect ring.  So that is how I wear it now.  My big summer ring, a bit white, a bit ivory with hints of coral tones, I really love it.

The final three shells I found just a few weeks ago onLong Beach Island in New Jersey. 

Boats on Long Beach Island NJ

They are delicate little things. 

Vintage image of fishermen on Long Beach Island, NJ

One is a golden bronze, the other a translucent pearl and the final one a grey/ebony shell.  They are so thin I am sure they will eventually fall apart but for now I wear them. 

Necklaces made from shells by Marcy Frantz

My friend Marcy Frantz a great creative talent and jewelry designer among other things, made them for me just yesterday.  The grey/ebony shell is on a metal chain.  The gold and pearl shells are one a indigo and cocoa silk bead thread and they share the same clasp. 

Original Light from Long Beach Island Lighthouse

 Just simple elegant summer jewelry.  Ephemeral like summer itself.   


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