Love (and tulips) grows with time

I know, kinda silly and cliched-sounding, right? Well, I happen to think it’s true. Of tulips, at the very least.

Remember this picture from Valentine’s Day?

See how short the tulips are compared to my beautiful milk glass vase? And how they’re not even open – all closed up and tight and bud-like?

Well, here they are just about a week later:

See how much taller they are? They fit the vase now. And they’re all open and pretty.

This one even had an extra surprise:

A cute little baby tulip piggy-backed on it’s older twin. (And just ’cause I said “baby,” don’t be getting any ideas.)

So yeah. Take the love/tulip metaphor however you like, but tulips are just plain cool. And even though it’s still technically February, and the 50+ degree weather outside right now freaks me out a little (I want to go sledding!), these pretty pink tulips on my green vintage tablecloth and the sunshine outside just make me feel so spring-like.

Even though I’ve seriously missed not having a real winter, and even though all this unseasonable warm weather is freaking me out from a climate change perspective, I’m still looking forward to spring.

Have you done anything to your house to make it feel more spring-like?

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