An Early Valentine

Below is an early Valentine from all of us at FarmHouse to all of you, courtesy of FarmHouse reader and talented poet Patricia Ranzoni.


(for exchanging)

Confessing in abiding peace, darling,

I’m sorry for any way I let us down today.
Thank you for every effort you’ve made for us.
My love for you stills and heals my daylight and sleep.
Here’s this drop of oil for your heart.
I kiss and hold you to store what I can of us, joined
and rejoicing, against the grateful grief when,
time to come, it will be our turn for one of us

to carry on alone.

Patricia Smith Ranzoni was born to country houses. She and her husband and children have devoted themselves to keeping one of the subsistence farms of her youth in the family for future generations, practicing the homestead arts. Her poetry documenting the cultures of her people has been published across the U.S. and abroad, and collected in eight books so far, three of which she has hand-sewn. She was one of four “Maine Farmer Poets” invited to read at the 2011 American Folk Festival. This is the title poem of her new book, BEDDING VOWS, Love Poems from Outback Maine, forthcoming from North Country Press.

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