Wedding Stories

This all came about was we were all sitting in a bookstore/coffee shop.   Brainstorming ideas for future stories.  And Sarah said “What about weddings?  It is June!!”  Ashley was from what I remember excited about the idea and Tereneh was of the opinion that weddings are just fine.  And then upon further thought we decided to ask some cool couples three questions about their wedding:

1.  Favorite Moment 2.  Funniest Moment and 3.  Favorite or most useful Wedding Gift.

So this is what folks shared with us and now to you:

Ruth and Clark Bernstein

October 23, 1993
Las Vegas, Nevada

Here is one of us on our 15th anniversary in 2008*

1. favorite moment:

I danced the entire evening with friends, family, clark, band members, everyone and anyone. i hardly sat still. fantastic.

2. funniest moment:

I swapped the simple silver band that i planned to give clark in the ceremony for an enormous gold elvis-style rhinestone horseshoe. it was a surprise. he wore it for a week.
i liked having a secret that just my groups of girlfriends knew about. he sometimes wears it on our anniversaries.

3. favorite/useful wedding gift:

A gift certificate for two nights at the stanley hotel–the inspiration for “the shining” but also a very cool old hotel in estes park colorado. it was fun to have a little extra getaway in the works.

*Ruth added:  I could make a lovely beouf bourguignon for dinner but for some reason a rice crispy treat in the shape of a number really gets to him.  It is funny and ridiculous and delicious.


Jami Rutherford and Todd Owens

July 3, 2002
Castine, Maine

Todd Owens, Jami Rutherford and niece/flower girl Cassidy Poe

1. Favorite Moment:

We didn’t have one moment in particular, but our favorite thing about our wedding was that it was the first chance our families had to spend any time together, and everyone got along famously. We thought it was a good harbinger for our marriage that our two crazy families just meshed like they’d always known each other!

2. Funniest Moment:

Our niece (who was about three at the time) was going to be our flower girl, and had spent the run-up to the wedding talking non-stop about what she was going to wear and how excited she was. But when the time came for the ceremony she had decided in no uncertain terms that she was NOT going to walk through the garden alone as the flower girl. So rather than spend his final moments of singleness pondering his future, Todd was cajoling our niece into tossing flower petals along the garden path.

3. Favorite/Most Useful Gift:

Since we had a small, family-only wedding we didn’t ask for gifts. Instead each set of parents (there were three) hosted a meal during our time in Maine. Those actually turned out to be the best gifts we could think of since we got to share some amazing, memorable meals (including lots of lobster!) with our families.


Tangee Harris-Pritchett and Michael Pritchett

September 14, 1991
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tangee: “I’ve been married almost 20 years, I hardly remember my wedding!!!”


Emily Blake and Franz Hodge

August 14, 2010
Cuba, New York

Emily and Franz, photograph by Stone Hill Studios

1. What was your favorite moment?

Our favorite moment was when we exchanged rings and were actually man and wife.  After all of that planning, the reason for the planning was actually done.  Then we had a sigh of relief that everything had happened exactly as we’d planned (and the weather had cooperated!) and we could celebrate with our family and friends.

2. What was the funniest moment?

We’d asked the minister to joke around a little during the ceremony to keep the mood light, so that we wouldn’t be too nervous.  She didn’t tell us what she was going to do, but said that she had a fun ceremony planned.  She ended up using props to show some things that marriage represents.  We don’t even remember what the point of this particular prop was, but she showed a calculator and ended up smashing it with a hammer.  It was a little strange, but it definitely kept the mood fun!

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

Our most useful gift was the money that our parents gave us.  They each gave us an amount and said that we could use it for the wedding and any amount leftover, we could use on our house.  We ended up being able to get a big project done with the leftover money.

Our favorite gift is the set of pots & pans that we received.  They are so nice that we’ll probably have them forever and we use them every day.


Lisa and John

May 15, 1993
St. Josephs Church, New Paltz, New York

Lisa, Tony and John

1. What was your favorite moment?

John’s favorite moment was when he saw Tony and I walking down the aisle coming towards him in the church.  He also said it was like just the two us alone in the church when we were says our vows.

For me, it was scary when everyone stood up in the pews and started taking pictures of us.  I know Tony had to hold on to me because I think I wanted to turn around and RUN!  Of course I’m so glad I didn’t.

2. What was the funniest moment?

For me,  I remember John was at the church waiting for his bride (me) and I had the chauffeur ( a friend of ours) reminding me that it was time to get to the church…about a dozen times!!  I was so nervous that I kept going upstairs instead of out to the car.  Our friend John was very patient with me, urging me kindly and telling me we were late.

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

We still have the wine glasses a friend gave us.  Honestly, we were going on our honeymoon to Ireland, so the money we received was very useful.


Kilolo Luckett and John Barbera

September 16, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Photograph of Kilolo, John and Family by Peter Berger

1. What was your favorite moment?

Her:  My favorite moment was when we lit our unity candle, passed it along and watched as each person holding a candle lit theirs while “This Little Light of Mine” was sung by extraordinary musicians.

His:  My favorite moment was when I was standing outside in front of the church with my brothers and best friend, and Kilolo emerged out of nowhere. She looked incredibly amazing. What a breath-taking moment.

2. What was the funniest moment?

His and Her:  Peter Lombardi, John’s best friend, showed up in a mini-van. Peter despises mini-vans but that was the only rental car available at the airport! Plus, it held most of our wedding gifts.

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

His and Her:  Le Creuset Red Dutch Oven —- Thanks, Bill + Steve!


Chelsa Wagner and Khari Mosley

December 6, 2009
Sunnyledge Inn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. What was your favorite moment?

Listening to my husband recite his vows, which he wouldn’t share in advance – beautifully heartfelt and perfectly eloquent – that’s what captured the moment as a perfect one, just between the two of us, but a rightful celebration to have our loved ones share and witness.

2. What was the funniest moment?

Our guests taking over the B&B with song and dance, and the owner telling us that he had never hosted a wedding where so much fun was had, but loved seeing his B&B filled with such a celebration.

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

Favorite: sculpture from/by groom’s dad (we still have to pick it out 🙂
most useful: breville indoor grill (great for two busy professionals trying to cook healthy or at least semi-healthy meals for ourselves and our two-year-old!


Tracy Hurlburt and Shawn Dibble

September 5, 1996
Portville Park, Portville, New York

Tracy and Shawn, the wedding dress was made by my mom.

1. What was your favorite moment?

Shawn says his favorite moment was the kiss. I think that was one of them because the nervous part was over with but I really enjoyed the first dance with Shawn, as husband and wife. It was just us…in our moment. ♥

2. What was the funniest moment?

One of Shawn’s funniest moments was when his friend Joe picked him up during the dollar dance and danced with him like a rag doll. I don’t remember that but he said that was defiantly the funniest.

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

One wedding gift I still have is a wedding album I have my pictures in, my Grandmother gave me…Made me. We also received a set of foldable end tables that we still have and use!

The most useful gift though was money, we went on our honeymoon with it.


Jordan and Betsy Larson

March 27, 2010
 1st Evangelical Free Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Betsy and Jordan

1. Fav moment at my wedding:

Sooo many good moments.  I felt like I had the perfect day (I’m sure everyone feels that way, lol).  I had a fabulous time at the reception.  My mom planned some games with the DJ that were a surprise to Jordan and I.  During the shoe game, I laughed my head off the ENTIRE time.  In every single picture from this game I am just cracking up because I’m having so much fun. (see below)

Betsy playing the shoe game.

2. Funniest moment:

In another game, the DJ and my mom dressed Jordan up in some big outdated glasses and a wig and hid him in the crowd from me.  It took me FOREVER to find him among 375+ people!  Everyone was laughing because I was literally RIGHT behind him and couldn’t find him!!  He was sitting at my uncle’s table and my uncle kept talking to me and I kept looking at everyone at the table and STILL didn’t recognize my new husband!! (see below)

Betsy unable to find Jordan, despite the fact that he is right in front of her, trying valiantly not to laugh.

3. Favorite/most useful wedding gift:

A fabulous quilt (and pillowcases) made by my mom for our bed 🙂 She spent the better part of a year making it! It now keeps us cozy at night when we’re snuggled in bed!


Amie Lee Hurlburt and Rick James Jozwiak

July 31, 1993
Hinsdale Methodist Church, Hinsdale, New York
My bridesmaid’s dresses were made by my Aunt Dawn, Aunt Judy and Grandmother, who also made my cake. My wedding dress and bouquet were made by my mom.

1. What was your favorite moment?

Getting reading for the honeymoon was one of our favorite moments. Our friends came over after the wedding and we all went out to dinner and then afterwards we went off to our honeymoon.

2. What was the funniest moment?

When a fly landed on my nose (Amie) and they got a picture of it!

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

Our favorite gift was a set of Cutco knives and our most useful gift was a laser printer that we used to get through college and long after.


Sarah and Adam Hetz

 May 30, 2010
Eagan, Minnesota

1. What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

It’s hard to choose just one favorite moment, but one thing that really sticks out about our wedding ceremony was the message that the pastor gave.  We were married in the church that I grew up in and our pastor has known my family for many years, which allowed him to give a very personal and meaningful sermon.  The thing I liked the best about it was that he had us turn around and face the congregation while he talked so we were able to feel more connected to our guests and they got to see more than just the backs of our heads.

My favorite part of our reception was that we had a live band for our dance.  Having live music I feel really made our reception unique and they really kept the party rolling with a wide range of music that kept everyone out on the dance floor.

2. What was the funniest moment?

Our funniest moment is also one of the more sentimental moments from our wedding day.  Throughout the ceremony, and especially during the vows, Adam was very emotional and cried quite openly.  At one point he accidentally let fly the now affectionately dubbed, “snot-rocket”.  Not so pretty, but in a way, an expression of the depth of his feelings on the big day!

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

While we received many useful gifts, here are a few of our favorites.  Our most meaningful is a hand made quilt made by Adam’s grandmother.  She is an extremely talented quilter and we love having her amazing handiwork adding color to our apartment wall will treasure the gift for years to come.  Another meaningful gift we received from my parents was the placement of a brick with our names and wedding date engraved on it in the brick path at our reception location.


Lesley Williams Ware and Kamau Ware

April 30, 2011
Brooklyn, New York

Lesley and Kamau, photograph by Rhiannon Marino

1. What was your favorite moment?

Besides our vows & the toasts — I’d say immediately after the wedding when our guests came outdoors to great us in the Receiving Line. The sun was shining brightly and everyone looked STUNNING. Our friends and family were beautifully styled and wore the loveliest smiles. It was dreamlike.

2. What was the funniest moment?

The funniest moment was learning that my dad took shots of moonshine from our friend Jason. This was my fathers 1st alcoholic drink in over 30 years.  Needless to say he was a little more talkative and he even danced (I’m still in shock). By the end of the wedding – at least one fourth of our guests had taken a swig of Jason’s magical hooch. Hilarious!

Lesley and Kamau, photograph by Rhiannon Marino

3. Your favorite and/or most useful wedding gift?

Our most useful wedding gift was a set of 10 nesting bowls from my husband’s sister, Kellie. From mixing chocolate chip cookies to prepping spices to eating cereal – the bowls have been a delightful kitchen companion.


Emily and Franz Hodge's thank you cards.

And those are the wedding favorites! Readers, do you have any favorite memories or useful advice to share? 

By the folks of FarmHouse.

By Aria Melody DJ

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