Lard-Roasted Potatoes – Snack of the Year?

In my last post, I talked a little bit about lard-roasted potatoes. While some people may fear animal fats, I am not one of them, and pork fat with potatoes is quite possibly the greatest combination ever.   I render my own lard at home from locally produced pork fat I buy for cheap at … Continue reading

Celebrating 2013

So we haven’t updated this in a loooong time. But sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. As does the fact that more often than not this year, I’ve forgotten to take pictures, to take my camera somewhere, to capture in digital format all the wonderful things I’ve seen and done. And that’s okay. … Continue reading

Spring Fling Recipe: Roasted Ramps and Asparagus

Parties – especially parties where people may be coming and going – need finger food. And parties that take place on cold, rainy spring days need hot or warm finger food. Seasonal vegetables are never a wrong choice, especially not when you have access to organic ramps and asparagus from Blooming Hill Organic Farm (though … Continue reading