Spring Fling Recipe: Roasted Ramps and Asparagus

Parties – especially parties where people may be coming and going – need finger food. And parties that take place on cold, rainy spring days need hot or warm finger food. Seasonal vegetables are never a wrong choice, especially not when you have access to organic ramps and asparagus from Blooming Hill Organic Farm (though any old will suffice).

Roasting is a great way to bring out the best flavors in foods and roasting ramps makes them tender and mild with crispy crunchy leaves. Roasting asparagus (or in my case, over roasting) intensifies the asparagus flavor. I roasted these two veggies separately, with just salt and pepper to season, but since the heat is the same, it’s easy to make pan after pan of these delicious vegetable treats.

Roasted Ramps

If you live in the northeast or Appalachia you can find these deliciously mild wild leeks in farm markets. Ramps have long soft leaves that are edible and when roasted get crispy and delicious.

1 bunch ramps washed with the root ends cut off
1/2 cup olive oil
ground black pepper
coarse sea salt

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. On a large baking sheet arrange ramps so the ends alternate. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and salt to taste. Stir to coat, but don’t coat the leaves all the way. Bake until ends are tender and leaves have shrunk and are crispy in spots. The only way to eat these is with your fingers.

Roasted Asparagus

Try to get asparagus as fresh as possible. The less time between picking and your oven, the better the flavor. The easiest way to clean asparagus is to rinse it and take each spear in both hands and bend until the end snaps off. The weakest point is between the woody stem you don’t want to eat and the tender top you do want to eat. I think peeling asparagus is a sacrilege.

1 lb. asparagus, ends snapped off
1/2 cup olive oil
ground black pepper
coarse sea salt

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. On a large baking sheet with edges arrange asparagus evenly and drizzle with olive oil, pepper, and salt to taste. Stir asparagus to coat and bake until tender, but not mushy (although it will still taste amazing if the asparagus get mushy).

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