Lard-Roasted Potatoes – Snack of the Year?

In my last post, I talked a little bit about lard-roasted potatoes. While some people may fear animal fats, I am not one of them, and pork fat with potatoes is quite possibly the greatest combination ever.   I render my own lard at home from locally produced pork fat I buy for cheap at … Continue reading

Pancake Days

This winter has been weird. Not much snow, lots of warmish, spring-like weather. So warm in fact, I had to go check on my spring bulbs today to make sure they weren’t coming up early (they weren’t). But it’s getting closer to maple sugaring time (usually the end of February around here), and while I … Continue reading

The Joys of Cabbage

No really. Have you ever had properly cooked green cabbage? Not red, not Savoy, not Napa. Good old-fashioned, turn-into-sauerkraut pale green cabbage. Not boiled to death or steamed. Cooked properly, so that the flavor is nutty and a bit sweet but green at the same time? And the texture is tender, but not mushy? You’ve … Continue reading

$5 Meal Challenge

SlowFood USA is hosting a $5 Challenge on September 17th. The premise? That good, healthy, slow food can be had for just as little (if not less) money than the average fast food “value” meal. The challenge is to cook a homemade meal for less than $5 per person. If you know how to cook, … Continue reading