A Garden Fair Pictorial

The Hudson Valley Garden Association had their second Garden Fair on May 3 at Montgomery Place in Red Hook. My husband Dale and I’d never been to Montgomery Place and we couldn’t make Garden Fair last year. You know how sometimes in life you have a magical experience that only lasts a few hours, but it is replenishing in an outsized way? Attending Garden Fair was like that for us.


Garden Fair 2014 104

The Hudson Valley Garden Association’s mission is “to stimulate passion for gardening in the Mid-Hudson Valley and to support and promote local garden resources.” I wrote an article about HVGA in Chronogram last year that you can read here. HVGA was cofounded by Laura Wilson and Rebecca Glembocki and is serving a profound need in the Hudson Valley. Garden Fair is only one of the HVGA’s many programs and projects; if you’re interested in supporting this dynamic new organization, please volunteer – HVGA could really use your time and talents!

Gardening is not just outdoor decorating. The power of the people-plant connection to both restore and stimulate us is profound, and love of plants creates a hinge between people. Please see “Why HVGA Matters” — there are so many ways that gardening improves our collective lives in the Hudson Valley.

Garden Fair 2014 047

Dale and I in our garden millinery, having a relaxing time at Garden Fair.

Garden Fair 2014 070

Eli Celia, co-owner of Greene Bee Greenhouse in Cornwallville (greenebeegreenhouse.com), gave a demo on proper tree planting.

Garden Fair 2014 094

I got to finally meet in person Liz and Matt Elkin, owners of Bloom Landscape Design and Fine Gardening in New Paltz (bloomfinegardening.com). I have admired Bloom’s beautiful, smart installations in the area. Also Matt and Liz have contributed excellent advice and anecdotes to some of my Chronogram stories. I really admire what they do!


Garden Fair 2014 057 Garden Fair 2014 021 Garden Fair 2014 018 Garden Fair 2014 010

In the various Montgomery Place gardens, from top to bottom: Dutchman’s breeches (spring ephemeral wildflower), hellebores, checkered lily, naked ladies (foliage comes out in spring, then dies back, then “naked” flower stems emerge in fall).


The elliptical reflecting pool in the elliptical garden, a mesmerizing feat of Victoriana.

Garden Fair 2014 087

I enjoyed meeting Hilary Finn, her daughter Quincy, and brother Josh. Hilary does beautiful garden furniture design as well as landscape design (hilaryfinngardens.com).

Garden Fair 2014 102

Dale made sure I took this photo to show his daughter, Dalia. What an awesome name for a business! 

Garden Fair 2014 097

Fabric planters from the Hudson Valley Seed Library (seedlibrary.org) booth


Montgomery Place has extensive perennial gardens tended by volunteers.


Garden Fair 2014 063

The federal-style estate house of Janet Livingston Montgomery, 1805.

I hope this will give you a flavor of what’s special about Garden Fair: the event, the setting, the people. Happy spring!

 support and promote local garden resources.Our mission is to stimulate passion for gardening in the Mid-Hudson Valley and to support and promote local garden resources.

2 Responses to “A Garden Fair Pictorial”
  1. Great to hear some new news from farmhouse magazine

  2. sewassbe says:

    Those checkered lilies are to die for!

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