Craft Room Tour

Remember that armoire I got for $15 at a big garage sale? And remember how I cleaned it up? Well here, finally, are some pictures of it being put to good use. Our little house has two rooms upstairs under the eaves: one larger one we use as a guest room, and one bitty one … Continue reading

On Not Being Perfect: Why Perseverance Counts

The funny thing about being Facebook friend with relatives is that they sometimes say pretty profound things. My one cousin posted last night that “It’s impossible to be perfect” and that she was the “Queen of Mediocrity.” That struck a chord with me. I’ve long identified myself as a “jill of all trades,” and “good … Continue reading

Simple Knits: Fingerless Gloves

This is a really easy way to make fingerless gloves or mitts. If you can do a simple knit stitch (no perling here!), you can make these gloves. You don’t even need a pattern. Just cast on a bunch of stitches and measure against your palm at the base of your fingers and go all … Continue reading