Resolved: 2012

Oh New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them. Few people keep them all. I did see an interesting twist on resolutions yesterday – resolve to do more of the things that give you joy. Isn’t that wonderful? So here are mine, a combination of things that are good for me, things that I love to do, and sometimes both in one go.

  1. Be outside more. This includes hiking and walks, putting out laundry to dry, picnics, and working on the yard/garden. And if we ever get snow, snowshoeing and sledding. And winter hikes with hot chocolate.
  2. Eat less. Not necessarily better, as I already eat pretty well, but less.
  3. Cook more. As if this were even possible for me, but it is. Eventually I’d like to eat all from-scratch. So this includes baking more bread.
  4. Invest in a chest freezer. Which will make the baking more bread thing easier, as I can make a bunch in one go and then freeze it. Also will help with the cooking as I can do more veggie and fruit prep.
  5. Get off my bum and can something already! (helping Ashley didn’t count)I didn’t do it this fall and was disappointed in myself. I’ve got all the stuff, I’m just afraid and lazy.
  6. Plant a garden and try to defend it from woodchucks and deer this year. Already planted TONS of spring bulbs (thanks for the suggestions, Michelle!), but some food will get planted too. Already have some sorrel seeds ready for planting in early spring. No lettuce this year. We just don’t eat it enough.
  7. Learn to knit more complex things. I’ve got the rectangles and squares down pat. Even all kinds of stripey patterns. But I’d like to make more things than just scarves and shawls.
  8. Fix the sewing machine and use it! Got some Christmas money for this, just have to call a repair place and bite the bullet.
  9. Teach myself to play the accordion. I got one for Christmas, but I got it in October. Lol. It needs work, but still plays. If I get good, that will be incentive to get it fixed.
  10. Throw more parties. I’ve got oodles of stemware and serving dishes and I’ve definitely got the house for it. Just have to make plans and stick to them!
  11. Go fruit picking. Aside from the raspberries, which were hideously expensive, I didn’t go fruit picking at all last year. Not even apples. This must change.
  12. Enter the county fair. I missed the July deadlines last year, but I’m going to enter SOMETHING this year. Probably food. Possibly in two counties.
  13. Keep the house cleaner. I get into ruts where I don’t want to clean. But then I feel icky because the floors are gritty and everything is dusty and there are stacks of dishes in the kitchen and laundry in the bedroom. I feel so much better when everything is clean! So I’m resolved to kick the procrastination habit and just stay on top of things.
  14. Kiss my boyfriend more. We have the nasty habit of sitting in separate rooms on our own computers for hours in the evenings. That’s okay sometimes, but spending quality time together is important! And that includes kissing. *wink* Makes you remember why you’re together.

Okay, I think that’s definitely enough for this year. But these are all eminently doable goals. No, “I want to lose 50 pounds by summer” or “I will win the beautiful yard award.” Easy, approachable, FUN resolutions. Especially the kissing. And the cooking. And the being outside.

I’ve already started a few resolutions. I’m trying to eat less by taking smaller portions to begin with. I did quite a bit of cooking yesterday (roasted spaghetti squash and a sugar pie pumpkin, make spaghetti squash lasagna, and then a pumpkin custard). Today we’re going on a hike, despite the fact that it is overcast and cold. But not snow yet, so taking advantage of dry trails while we still can. Not so much with the cleaning though. Maybe later tonight.

Do you have any fun new resolutions? What will you resolve to do to put more joy in your life?

4 Responses to “Resolved: 2012”
  1. Sara says:

    I’m looking to ‘re-purposing’ resolutions more, since I usually just give up mid-January. So ya know, that sweater that I’ve gotten bored with…maybe a little lace some appliques and BOOM, new sweater. Or the old linens that are worn out…now they can be re-purposed into yarn and crocheted into a rug!—Maybe even for a fair entry come August. 🙂 We’ll have to see what I find throughout the year…

    • Sara says:

      I also want to definitely learn how to can this year. I have EVERYTHING to hot water bath can, I just never seem to be able to get everything timed or prepared etc. I’m hoping this is the year!

      • vintagejenta says:

        Let’s make a pact – we’ll make each other can this summer/fall!

        Also, I LOVE the repurposed idea. We are all about reusing/recycling. If you have a particularly successful project, you should write an article for us!

  2. Irma Elaine says:

    I love these resolutions Sarah! I would love to go fruit picking more, especially blueberries! I also really would like to try, from your suggestion, canning chicken stock!

    I am happy to help teach/help you girls can! I love being able to go to my cupboard and pick out a jar of apple sauce or salsa, so all the work IS worth it!!

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