Handmade Gifts: Painted Bulbs

Painted Bulbs by Elaine Swift

Handmade gifts are the best, especially when you get them, well making them can be pretty fun too! There are so many different gifts you can make. You can bake gifts, such as cookies, brownies or bread. You can print your photographs into cards, frame your images, or create a photobook. You can knit, crochet, sew, weave, the possibilities are endless! Check out some of these options and ideas from FarmHouse: Vintage T-Shirts into Bags, Perforated paper, Creative Reuse!

Each year I try to make as many handmade gifts as I can, I guess you can say it is kind of my tradition. I usually create gifts that reflect what I have learned or created throughout the year. For example last year I made bandboxes, which I was inspired to do because not only did a friend give me several 1860-1880 newspapers but I received samples of old wallpaper in the mail and fell in love.

I like to keep my ideas in a journal, I write done the equipment, tools, what went wrong, and what I can do to fix it. It is also important to take photographs, this way, after the gift has been given, you can remember what it looked like and it is sometimes helpful if you are making the same gift again to refresh your memory.

Snowman, Painted Bulbs by Elaine Swift

These beautiful bulbs were hand painted by my Grandma and were given to my family one year to put on our Christmas tree. Each year they carefully come out of storage and are one of the highlights of our tree. I am one of those people who love getting new ornaments, especially vintage ones! My friends Emily and Franz, “buy a new ornament each year that represents something that happened that year”, this year they got a cute dog ornament, where they are going to put an image of Lucy, their new addition to the family.

Painted bulbs not only make a great gift they are a fun and simple project.


      • Clear, white or off-white bulbs
      • Acrylic Paint
      • Paint brushes
      • Other tools you like to use while painting, such as a cloth, palette, water, etc.
      • Fixative (optional)

Now have some fun and paint away!

Here are some close ups.

Barn, Painted Bulb, by Elaine Swift

Flowers, Painted Bulb by Elaine Swift

And another variation made out of a lightbulb, paint, felt, cotton stuffing and glue.

Lightbulb Santa by Elaine Swift

We would love to hear about your handmade gift projects and ideas. Send it in to farmhousemag(at)gmail(dot)com and don’t forget to friend us on FaceBook!


2 Responses to “Handmade Gifts: Painted Bulbs”
  1. Your Grandma’s work is very dear!

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