Zinnias, Right up to October Snowstorm

Zinnia elegans. What a lovely, simple Latin name. The zinnia cultivar ‘State Fair’, with its 3-foot-tall stems, has given me a lot of enjoyment this fall. (The long stems lend themselves to cut flower arrangements). I got my seed from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, in a gorgeous Art Pack.

'State Fair' is a mix of single and double flowers in fuchsia, red, orange, pink, white, and coral.

The woodchuck “pruned” one patch of my zinnias with his teeth, but the other patch he left alone. Both eventually flowered, but guess which one flowered shorter, and with smaller blooms? Damn you, Chuckles!

Art Pack art by Sarah Snow for the Hudson Valley Seed Library

I grew my zinnias in so-so soil. It’s sandy and not very fertile, but I did amend with some of my bunny’s “bunure” before I seeded. And I kept those seeds and little seedlings moist in the heat of July and August (I was planting for a fall “crop.”) But mostly, they were not babied, just given a decent head start.

Only one white flower all season. Waiting to see what color emerges is part of the fun.

People still take their prize zinnias to the State Fair; fairs are not just for roses. I’ve never had an urge to grow flowers for show, myself.

State Fair zinnias are long-lasting cut flowers, especially when you put them somewhere cool.

2 Responses to “Zinnias, Right up to October Snowstorm”
  1. Love the rigoruous last blooms of fall – in my garden, it is the snapdragons that hold on with bold color on thinning stems. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous zinnias!

  2. Cary says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the first flowers I remember my mom growing, the beginning of a passion for gardening for me. I’m a mostly veg gardener now, so seeing these jewels was a terrific blast from an honorable past. Will definitely buy these jewels thanks to you! Just found this site through Margaret Roach’s mention of the Farmhouse article about the Seed Library boys. Hooray. I will be back lots and lots!!! thank you!

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