Red Rocket Snapdragons

Velvety flowers on long stems that don't get munched by critters. It's the "Rocket" series of snapdragons.

I’m looking through pictures of last summer’s glorious garden successes to comfort myself after seeing the devastation in our New Paltz community gardens, where all is lost after Hurricane Irene. The “Rocket” series of snapdragons come in red, pink, yellow, apricot, orchid … they are on long stems so make great cut flowers (don’t buy the stubby ones that are meant for bedding plants, not cutting). ‘Red Rocket’ is divine; if I could grow only one annual flower, this would be it. I’ve never had problems with critters eating snapdragons, and “snaps” are quite cold hardy, so you can plant them early in spring and enjoy them late into fall. Like many annuals, they refrain from flowering when the weather gets hot, but then they start their flowering engines back up when temperatures moderate. I heart them.


3 Responses to “Red Rocket Snapdragons”
  1. vintagejenta says:

    Hurray! More advice for non-critter-friendly flowers! Tell me, are peonies particularly tasty to anything? Because I love them and I planted a root this past spring and I’m hoping for some growth next year.

    Also, am I the only one who makes snap dragons “snap” by moving their lower petals so you can see their furry little tongues? I hope not…

    • Hi Sarah,
      My observation is that snapdragon flower snapping is a popular activity for these lovelies.
      Peonies are normally very resistant to critters. My only worry is that any plant that is young and small is more vulnerable than a big one, so you might need to put a little homemade cage over your young plantie.

      • vintagejenta says:

        Well, so far no shoots yet (hopefully they are forming underground) and it’s in kind of crappy soil, but I marked where it is. So I’ll keep an eye out next spring. Also – I saw grape hyacinth bulbs at Adam’s for $10 for 64 bulbs! What? I think I might need to plant some….

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