Fair Food: Orange Shakeups

Fresh-squeezed lemonade or orangeade (also called shake-ups) are the highlight of the fair for me. They are rather hideously expensive, which is silly, since they are so easy to make!

Oranges are delicious. Also - check out Ashley's cute heirloom plates!

You will need:

Orange Shakeups

1-2 oranges per person
a martini shaker

Roll oranges (or lemons, or limes) to release juice. Cut each orange in half and squeeze into martini shaker (one serving at a time) and drop in squeezed halves. Add two tablespoons or more of sugar. Add several ice cubes, then water to fill leaving at least an inch at the top of the shaker. Put on top and shake until very cold and ice is mostly melted. Use built-in strainer to strain into glass, or go all fair-like and just dump the whole mess into a glass.

If you don’t have a martini shaker, you can generally get by with a large glass and a large slightly flexible plastic cup.


Putting the juiced orange halves in adds some of that orange oil flavor to the straight juice. Yum!

Seriously. It’s that easy. I made these for lunch at Ashley’s before we got canning. So good! And orange-y without being too orange-y or acidic. And you can easily substitute lemons or limes (or even, theoretically, grapefruit) in this recipe. This is also a perfect use for that vintage juicer you may or may not have in your kitchen arsenal (and which I, sadly, decided not to get for $10 at the thrift store).

What are your favorite fair foods?


3 Responses to “Fair Food: Orange Shakeups”
  1. This looks great. Can you add other types of citrus?

  2. Irma Elaine says:

    This is so good and refreshing, thanks for sharing with me the other day!!

  3. At the Dutchess County Fair last summer, one of the horticulture displays had baskets of fresh pears and peaches for passersby to enjoy. We rested on a bench and noshed on juicy fruit.That was a memorable Fair food experience …

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