Simple Knits: Fingerless Gloves

This is a really easy way to make fingerless gloves or mitts. If you can do a simple knit stitch (no perling here!), you can make these gloves.

One rectangle done, the other started.

You don’t even need a pattern. Just cast on a bunch of stitches and measure against your palm at the base of your fingers and go all the way around. For my hands (I have wide palms) it was 24 stitches cast on to size 7 needles because I wanted a nice, tight weave. You could use a larger size, but the weave will be looser. Then you just knit a rectangle until it is as long as you want it (I measure from the base of my fingers to below my wrist). When you’re done, use a yarn needle (it has blunt ends) to stitch up the sides, measuring on your hand and leaving an open space for your thumb. Feel free to use a basic whip stitch – that’s what I did!

Finished "gloves." Yes, they are slightly different lengths. You totally can't tell when they're on.

I did these in chunky wool I found at the thrift store. I used under a full skein (maybe like, 3/4 of a skein) to make two gloves. I like the chunky, uneven wool because it hides the stitching up the sides.

They look better on.

So if you know your basic knit stitch, these gloves are super easy! And warm. And wooly. Is it fall yet?

4 Responses to “Simple Knits: Fingerless Gloves”
  1. Irma Elaine says:

    Have you ever tried knitting in the round? I wonder if there is a knitting club around here?!

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