On the 5th Day…we had Hol-e Mole: Chicken/$5/5/5

Day 5  Chicken Hol-e Mole


Since I like to leave the dark meat for the tacos, I look for other ways to use the white meat.  Again on the Mexican vibe, mole.  Love the stuff.  Now no this is not “Like Water for Chocolate” so I am not going to give a mole recipe here – remember my 5-minute cooking rule?

  • Chicken – white meat, sliced or whatever pieces you like
  • Olive Oil
  • Mole – I like the Goya Mole mix
  • Rice – whatever your favorite white or brown rice, I prefer white
  • Cilantro
  • Side dishes – beans or greens – I like a mixed green side salad
  • Lime Juice for the salad


Okay so this breaks it only because the rice takes about 15-minutes.  Unless like me you make a big old pot of rice over the weekend so you can just re-heat it with a lil water in a skillet.  If not follow the rice instructions on the bag.  Personally I use fragrant rice like Basmati or Jasmine.  But it is your dinner and so it is up to you.


So while the Rice is doing its thing.  Start the mole.


Now I like Goya’s Mole, but use what ever you can find.  Basically it comes in a tightly compact dehydrated powder in a jar, so what you have to do is add the water.  I like to add the water a bit at a time, the instructions are on the side of the jar.  But really really watch what you’re doing, the mole starts slow then starts boiling to high heaven like mad, you don’t want to burn it.    Generally it is a two-one ratio but I find I have to eyeball it and depends how much mole you want.  I like a lot!


Now in another skillet just warm up the chicken in oil, I like to add cumin, pepper, chilies and red pepper flakes – wait until slightly browned.  All the time watching and stirring the mole too.


Now all you need to do is serve it up.  I put the rice on one side of the plate.  Add the chicken and then pour the mole over the chicken, making sure the rice gets a lil’ mole love too.  Then just for some greenery and for the taste I serve it with a mixed green salad, from the bag or box, (5-minutes, people!) and squeeze a little…what?  Yep lime juice.


Yum Mole Fun!


One Response to “On the 5th Day…we had Hol-e Mole: Chicken/$5/5/5”
  1. vintagejenta says:

    I did not know Goya made a mole mix! Hmmm… might have to snag some next time I’m at the grocery store.

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