Comfrey: Boon and Bane

When my husband Dale and I first checked out our new vegetable plot in the New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition, we saw masses of comfrey and thought, oh no. It spreads by underground stems in an aggressively jaunty fashion; it’s one of those that if you leave a little piece of root behind, you’ll have a new plant, so it’s very difficult … Continue reading

Raspberry Cocktails

So what do you do after an afternoon in the hot sun picking raspberries?  Make a raspberry cocktail of course! Here are some luscious raspberry summer cocktails to try: Raspberry and Guava Cocktail Raspberry Mint Julep Raspberry Bellini Raspberry and Guava Nectar Cocktail 1 1/2 shots of rum 1/2 shot squeezed lime 6 parts Rubicon … Continue reading

On the 5th Day…we had Hol-e Mole: Chicken/$5/5/5

Day 5  Chicken Hol-e Mole   Since I like to leave the dark meat for the tacos, I look for other ways to use the white meat.  Again on the Mexican vibe, mole.  Love the stuff.  Now no this is not “Like Water for Chocolate” so I am not going to give a mole recipe … Continue reading