Afternoon Picnic in the Berry Patch

Yesterday afternoon we three took a long lunch and went to a local farm for you-pick raspberries. We also packed a lovely picnic. Little did we know that it was going to be so sweltering hot. It was 97 degrees out by the time we left.

Ashley and Tereneh tarting to pick.

This gorgeous red barn was one of the first things to greet us at the farm. It’s almost completely open on the other side!

Tereneh surveying the bushes for the best raspberries.

Our first surprise - goldy pink raspberries! These little guys are a variety of golden raspberry.

If you have never had a golden raspberry, you are seriously missing out. Unlike red raspberries, which have a very assertive, almost tart flavor, golden raspberries are sweeter and more mellow. In the sweltering heat, they tasted like warm sunshine.

Sarah scrounging for berries. The best ones were down low.

Sarah and Ashley picking. Ashley should have brought a sun hat.

Tereneh filling her pint. And isn't that a fabulous hat?

Ashley's haul of red and golden raspberries.

Sarah's haul of red berries. We piled those pints high!


2 pints of raspberries (almost), resting in the shade during lunch

By this point we were pretty sweaty and feeling a little lightheaded, so we took a break to eat. We found a little pear tree that was throwing a lot of shade, and started to get out our picnic gear.

Picnic baskets and tiffins are lovely ways to picnic.

That picnic basket was $7 at a thrift store. And tiffins are awesome – they are stacking stainless steel bowls that all clamp together. From India, where they are used to deliver lunch to working people. They are also reminiscent of vintage pie carriers.

Setting up the picnic. Sarah's red blanket goes nicely with Tereneh's reproduction 18th century tablecloth.

Lunch was a collaboration: sliced rustic bread, cheese, French potato salad, and carrot sticks from Sarah, three kinds of salami and Perrier from Tereneh, and a delicious fruit salad (which included home canned pears!) from Ashley.

The delicious spread.

Isn't it lovely? Real dishes are so nice on a picnic.

Real dishes (even aluminum plates) and flour sack dishcloths make picnicking so much nicer than paper and plastic products. And better for the environment, too.

Lunch plate.

Digging in.

Relaxing after lunch.

We were pretty darn full after this. Everything was so good! We did a little more berry picking after this, mainly to top off not-quite-full pints (Ashley and I each got two, Tereneh got one). So here are a few more shots of the farm itself.

We were thankful to leave by the time we were done, though some of us could have picked berries forever! Believe it or not, berry picking is kind of addictive. All in all, it made for a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, however hot it was out. If only every lunch break could be like this!

Readers – have any of you ever gone berry picking? Tell us your story! Send us some great raspberry recipes, and we’ll include them in the torrent of deliciousness that will ensue over the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled!

5 Responses to “Afternoon Picnic in the Berry Patch”
  1. Jess says:

    I love it ladies! x

  2. Nancy says:

    What a great afternoon- despite the heat! Love the gold berries, I never saw that variety before

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