5-ways to use your $5 rotisserie chicken in 5 days – Day 2

Day 2  Chicken, Go Take A Hike Sandwich


Take-a-Hike Sandwich

I have to admit I may eat Chicken Tacos for 3-4 days in a row, but I said 6-ways so that would not be fair to you.

 So I love to hike and I often need to take food with me if I am going on a long hike.  This one kind of has everything on it and gives me the push to finish up the second half of my trek.


  • Chicken – long sliced white meat
  • Olive Oil
  • Bread – I personally like a bagette but use whatever you have
  • Avocado (1/2 of the what was left from before)
  • Mixed greens – I use the mixed green salad mix or arugila 
  • Red Onions – cut to make those little circles
  • Roma Tomatoes – canned or fresh
  • Cheese – what ever you like or Hummus


Toast the bread in toaster over or just in a skillet. If you add cheese now would be a good time to melt the cheese on the bread.

In another skillet, sauté the red onions and tomatoes in oil– to save time I just sauté them together, starting with the onions.

If you like, go ahead an brown the Chicken with pepper and salt (though I rarely add salt since the Rotisserie chicken usually already has salt added, why add more sodium?

Okay on the toasted bagette spread the avocado and if you like add some hummus too. 

Then add chicken, red onions, tomatoes and mixed greens.  I usually squeeze the little bugger a bit to make sure it fits in my sandwich container; cutting in half is also a good idea.

 Now hike away and know at the top of the hill you have a yummy treat waiting for you.

(I started a little hiking tradition this summer of brining a flask of whiskey with me so that when we reach the top my hiking mates have a little toast!) 

Enjoy  (Day 3 still to come…)


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