5-ways to use your $5 rotisserie chicken in 5 days

I am always trying to think of quick and expensive ways to keep my body fed.  I dislike grocery shopping!  No, I hate it!  I like to go in there and spend at most five minutes shopping.  Now farm stands I can spend hours, grocery stores, not so much.

And right now well it is just too hot to cook anything.  Right?  I mean heating up the stove and all when it is already 100+ degrees in my non-AC apartment.

The answer for me is to buy a rotisserie chicken.  Why?

Because in addition to wanting to shop for only five minutes, that is the amount of time I generally want to spend cooking.  And a rotisserie chicken fits the bill.  Now I never remember actually eating the chicken as is, a couple times when I was really hunger I may have grabbed a leg and started noshing on it, but for the most part I add a little here and there to make a new recipe.

Now I mentioned my little rotisserie adventures to someone at a dinner party a few months ago.  After my proud rendition of “Tereneh’s Rotisserie Chicken Adventures in the Kitchen” the host of the party said:  “Oh we buy our dog a rotisserie chicken for his food, he loves it!’  Ummm…yeah thanks.  Anyway I was not deterred.  So here are “5-ways to use your $5 rotisserie chicken in 5 days”

Chicken Tacos

Day 1  Chicken Tacos

I lived inLos Angeles recently and I fell in love with tacos.  Real tacos.  And it inspired me to make my own.

  • Dark Meat sections generally work best – cut into small pieces
  • Yellow Onions – cut into small pieces
  • Soft corn tortillas – four
  • Chilies
  • Cumin
  • Pepper
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Oregano
  • Cilantro – – cut into small pieces
  • White Onions – cut into small pieces
  • Avocado – use one half and wrap and save the other half with pit in the fridge
  • Lime

Cut up the yellow onion and sauté until transparent.  Then add the chicken, cut up into small pieces.  Then add chilies, cumin, pepper, red pepper flakes and oregano, sauté until the chicken is warm.  Here you can also squeeze a little lime juice is you would like.

In another skillet warm and slightly brown the tortillas, I generally make four at a time.  You can double up the tortillas and warm them that way if you would like.

Once the tortillas are warmed and your chicken mixture is good to go your ready to build the tacos.

Spread the avocado onto the tortilla.  Then add the chicken mixture, you can add more lime juice here too.  Then add cut up raw white onions, sliced radish, chilies, top it all off with cilantro and then guess what? Another squeeze of limo to finish it off!

Yum you’re done.    (Day to coming up….)

One Response to “5-ways to use your $5 rotisserie chicken in 5 days”
  1. vintagejenta says:

    Oooh! That sounds fantastic! Also, I am like the exact opposite when it comes to grocery shopping – I love it! But I completely agree with you on the farmer’s market, thing. I always fall into the danger of buying way more gorgeous produce than I can use/know what to do with before it goes bad. Good thing I have a compost pile.

    P.S. Now I want tacos for dinner. Thanks, T.

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