Postcard from Bridgeport Part 6 of 7 (yep one more to come…)

I never bake. So this is perfect. Upcycled/Recycled Baking dish from an amazing photographer Emily Denaro.

She had some beautiful large-scale work as well. But this got my FarmHouse eye a’shining. The jeweler’s allows you to see details of the individual photos you would otherwise miss. It actually increases the scale and depth of the work.
Bridgeport CT
There is an energy coming from the pavement, around the curves of the amazing historic building, in the scent from the water close by and an ancient power in the green of grass parks (so many!) and the trees (yep, many too!). Some of the energy is a lament (missing what was), some of the energy is mad (“Why is it not…?”)
and some is pure joy!

Bridgeport is a place in transition and if I were a betting man, I would put my money on it.

So here one by one are shots taken at the Bridgeport Arts Festival…

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