Swimming Hole Season

It’s been hot in the northeast and man oh man is it a good time to find and use your favorite swimming hole. We found this not-so-secret one in the Shawangunk Mountains.

This is the view of the swimming hole from the bridge

This is a pretty popular spot in our area, but the water was absolutely FREEZING, so not too many people were swimming.

This sweet little dog was breaking the rules ("no dogs downstream of bridge"), but was so nice, no one minded.

This little dog, I have no idea what breed, was such a sweetheart. Although she stayed on the other side of the water, she was so cute and curious, sniffing around, but always coming back when called.

Testing the waters and getting a bit of a drink.

She later played fetch with her owner in the water, but was so shivery and miserable-looking, her owner took pity on her and didn’t make her go back in. The same could not be said for us – we goaded each other into going into the frigid water.

The waterfall at split rock. A beautiful, but very cold place to swim.

We stayed in for all of maybe 15 minutes, but we made it (very slowly) all the way up to the waterfall and back. Then it was time to get out and warm up!

Me and a friend chillin' (or rather, warming up) on the rocks.

My only regret? We did not bring enough snacks. Swimming in freezing cold water is hungry work!

Do you have a favorite swimming hole? Send us pictures!

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