Wildflower of the week: Dame’s Rocket

With the latin name of Hesperis matronalis, I saw dame’s rocket on my trip home to North Dakota. There it is sometimes called false lilac, both for its purple flowers and it’s surprising lilac-like scent.

This “wildflower” was actually introduced to North America in the 17th century from Europe. It is considered an invasive weed in some states, but I think it is lovely.

It sometimes gets mistaken for phlox, but it only has four petals on its flowers, not five.

Dame's rocket was everywhere in Tuttle, but I found some lovely bunches along this road.

Don’t let the above picture fool you – this part of central ND doesn’t usually have that many trees. Those ones are there because there are two old farms at the crossroads up there.

A close-up of dame's rocket.

I really love the “flower” setting on my camera. It makes for such vibrant pictures!

While taking pictures, I saw these adorable honeybees sampling the fragrant blossoms.

Honeybees are common in central North Dakota as honey is big business in the state. ND honey is delicious and most of it is “clover” honey, but some of it is also “wildflower” honey.

My little sister also made a gorgeous bouquet with dame’s rocket, wild grasses, and other wildflowers from Tuttle, but alas I did not get a picture of it before we left.

Does dame’s rocket grow where you live?

3 Responses to “Wildflower of the week: Dame’s Rocket”
  1. Gorgeous pictures! I will have to try that “flower” setting if my little cheapie has it. Also I learned new things about dame’s rocket, like that it has scented flowers. I never got close enough to know!

  2. sandi says:

    yes it smells wonderful and we are seeing it now everywhere along the road sides in MN in May..love them!!!!!!

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