Vintage Score: Armoire

I scored this 1930s (I think) solid wood armoire at a historical society yard sale for $15 (yes, $15!). It was originally $25, but it was the end of the day and it was half price, but they didn’t have enough change for a twenty, so I gave them $15.

As you can see, it was quite large, but fit just perfectly into the back of my Pontiac Vibe with the back seats folded down.

The insides - which look sort of '50s-ish, which means that the date on this bad boy is obscured by the mists of time.

So as you can probably tell, this lovely piece of furniture is mostly solid wood, even the drawers. It was fairly banged up though – it was missing a doorknob and there was a big bare spot on the top and there were scratches everywhere. The bottoms of the doors apparently got water damage and the veneer was chipping. The inside also smelled strongly of mothballs

I say “was,” because with a few simple tricks, I managed to hide and/or minimize all of those things. So stay tuned for the saga of how I did it all.

And what am I going to do with it? Well my dears, I think since there isn’t much room in our bedroom for another piece of furniture on legs (we already have a 1930s mahogany highboy which was not, I am sorry to say, $15 but which was not any more than you’d pay for the particle board equivalent), it’s going to be hauled up the stairs (eventually) to occupy my craft room and match my vintage 1930s electric, table-mounted sewing machine and get filled with fabric, ribbon, and yarn.

P.S. I think $15 is the least amount of money I’ve ever spent on a decent piece of wood furniture. Well, except for “free,” but that doesn’t count.

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