Fourth Fashion!

Windows One of the great joys of a trip to NYC is my visit to the Met and my walk down Fifth Avenue.  During this last NY Fashion Week, Bergdorf had an amazing display of vintage flags and banners along with beautiful white dresses. Seemed like a nice time to present these images.  What great … Continue reading

Beat the heat with rhubarb lassi

A little over a month ago I went to this great Indian-Thai fusion restaurant just down the street from our house. And I had my first lassi – mango of course. It was hot and dusty out and holy crap was it delicious. The following week or so was sweltering hot, so I decided to … Continue reading

Celebrating 1776

The Fourth of July these days seems to be more about fireworks and barbecue than the true origins of the holiday – our declaration of independence from the British Empire. Although the exact date of the signing is a little fuzzy, the intent is the same. Independence Day is all about rah-rah-USA. Or is it? … Continue reading

Tick Season

Well I’m back from a long visit home to North Dakota. My mom’s side of the family was born and raised in central ND and I went home for a family reunion, the centennial celebration of Tuttle, ND (my great-grandma’s hometown), and the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival. While there we visited the old family homestead where … Continue reading

Inspiration Point: Ostrich

Image:  Masterfile During my first week as a grad student in Kenya, heck, my first week in Kenya, my Rotary host took me to the Nairobi National Park.  It is so very close to the City Centre, here is a real picture of the park with the skyline of Nairobi in the background. So my … Continue reading

Hummingbird food

Did you mark your calendar when you saw your first hummingbird this year? The first hummingbird I saw was April 28th, which was about the same time I saw them last year. I like to write these small events on the calendar to remind myself the following year when to prepare the hummingbirds food or … Continue reading

Lessons Learned … and Foliage Love

When I moved into my new husband’s place last summer, I committed a classic horticultural error. This is embarrassing for a horticulturist. Dale and I went to the fabulous Catskill Native Nursery in Kerhonkson NY where I picked out some of my favorite plants, including native ginger (Asarum canadensis) and native cutleaf elderberry (Sambucus canadensis ‘Laciniata’). These are plants that are indigenous to moist … Continue reading

Beekeeping 4-1-1: My story

After reading Beekeeping 4-1-1 with Special Guest, Tim Peterson it got me thinking about my own honeybee encounters. I grew up in a Greek Revival house built in the 1830s, by a Scottish architect. The architect also built an identical house about a mile away that my grandparents now live in.  The two houses differ in the … Continue reading

Hiking with special guest Addie Haas

All Photos by Christina Bonifacio Addie Haas is literally the first person I met in the Hudson Valley when I moved here last spring.  She has been such a lifeline and is an amazing loving, adventurous spirit, I love being in her presence. So when I was thinking about doing FarmHouse’s first hiking story.  I … Continue reading

Wildflower of the Week: Gill-over-the-ground

Also known as creeping charlie or ground ivy, this little plant has bell-shaped flowers that flare at the ends and are generally purple or violet in color. The leaves are kidney-shaped or rounded and range in color from medium green to a dull, reddish-green. These pretty little flowers can be found along roadsides, on lawns, … Continue reading